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CWPC invests waste-to-energy power plants, finance industry and PPP projects to realize optimal allocation of resources and exerts maximum efficiency of resources to obtain more economic and social benefit.

Solid Waste Treatment

CWPC invests on environmental protection industry like “Three-wastes (namely waste gas, waste water and solid waste) Treatment”, waste-heat recovery, desulfurization (De-Sox) and denitrification (De-NOx), etc. based on exquisite equipment and systematic solutions to complete the system of energy conservation and environment protection and new energy industry. As of 2017, CWPC has invested 11 waste-to-energy power plants with total capacity up to 12,000 t/d.

Financial Investment
In 2013, CWPC strategically invested Bank of Zigong and Zigong Rural Commercial Bank, becoming the first majority shareholder and the actual controller of Bank of Zigong. CWPC has become model of cross-industry and cross-field integration of industry and finance.

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Financial Futures

Based on banking businesses, CWPC actively diversifies its business in the fund, investment bank and insurance to promote deep integration between financial services and various business, making comprehensive financial services; CWPC integrates advantages of industries, finance, technologies and talents to form a strong financial driving force, implements strategic investment through financial operations, rapidly promotes industry transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment to realize better interaction between industry and capital, providing wider range of services for customers.

CWPC has professional teams of investment and financing, project management and budget management, which are responsible for exploitation, investment, construction and operation of PPP business. Meanwhile, by giving full play to technical, financial and managerial advantages, CWPC establishes partnership with public institutions and signs long-term strategic cooperation agreements with superior state-owned enterprises and private enterprises. CWPC has invested large-scale public infrastructures relating to people's livelihood like Smart City, Sponge City, Venous Industry Park, Urban Comprehensive Pipeline Corridor, Public Health Educational Institution and Intercity Expressway, etc. to realize strong alliance, complementary advantages, win-win cooperation and provide the public with superior products and professional services.