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Consolidating the Power of Women, Contributing to the Development of CWPC

In the new era of pursuing dreams, women are blooming in beauty. To celebrate the 114th International Women's Day on March 8th, promote the spirit of "self-esteem, confidence, self-reliance, and self-improvement" among women, showcase the charm of women in the new era, fully leverage the role of "half the sky", and further guide and motivate female employees to contribute their efforts to the development of the company, the company organized a series of activities with the theme of "Gathering Women's Strength to Achieve the Development of CWPC".

Celebrating Women's Day on March 8th

Caring Goddess Brings Health

To care for the vast number of female compatriots, coinciding with Women's Day on March 8th, the company has prepared a health examination gift package for female employees, caring for "half the sky" and giving it to the hardworking and beautiful "women's army" of CWPC, doting on themselves and blooming their beauty.

The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Women's Skilled Hands

Jinxiu Tie Dyed CWPC Blue

Skilled hands create charm, born from dyeing. On March 6th, the company organized more than 40 female employee representatives from various fronts to gather in the Flower Sea to experience the Zigong intangible cultural heritage tie dyeing activity. Entrusted by the chairman of the company, Li Renchao, Xiao Yutong, the deputy secretary of the company's party committee, sends warm blessings to the female compatriots of the company.



Tie a bundle of time and dye a touch of emotions. Following the teacher's guidance, everyone carefully watched the production tutorial and used tools such as ropes and threads to tie the white fabric into shape, immersing it in blue dye. The unique CWPC Blue danced on the scarf, and at this moment, the happiness of CWPC's "half sky" rose from "dyeing".



Colorful Activities Celebrate March 8th

Blooming Women's Power

In order to allow female compatriots to relax, enjoy happiness, enhance friendship, and celebrate the holiday that belongs exclusively to female compatriots in their spare time, in addition to the activities organized by the company, various units and subsidiaries of the company will also carry out various forms of celebration of Women's Day in March. Let's wait and see, and look forward to more exciting events in the next issue!


On the promise of spring, blooming the beauty of women

Every Goddess of CWPC

In our own festival

Let's not disappoint the spring light

Inspire women's aspirations

Consolidate the Power of Women

Showcasing the Beauty of Women

Boosting the high-quality development of the company through practical actions

Salute to every shining and shining member of her

Wishing all goddesses a happy holiday!