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Ma Hong, Deputy Secretary of Xingping Municipal Party Committee of Shaanxi Province and Mayor, and His Delegation Visit the Company for Inspection and Research

Recently, Ma Hong, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Xingping City, Shaanxi Province, and his delegation visited the company for inspection and research. Li Jiangbei, General Manager of CWPC E&C, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, and Xie Zhiwei, Deputy General Manager, warmly received them.

At the company exhibition hall, Li Jiangbei, the General Manager of CWPC E&C, mainly introduced the company's development strategy, main business, and other information to Mayor Ma Hong and his delegation.


Ma Hong (second from right), Deputy Secretary of the Xingping Municipal Party Committee and Mayor

Subsequently, the government and enterprises held a symposium. At the meeting, Li Jiangbei, General Manager of CWPC E&C, on behalf of the company, expressed a warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to Mayor Ma Hong and his delegation for visiting the company to conduct research and provide guidance. And a detailed introduction was given to the development of the company's business sectors in environmental protection new energy equipment manufacturing, new energy EPC, three waste treatment, as well as new materials such as magnesium aluminum copper alloy, tellurium copper alloy, hydrogen energy, fuel cells, etc.


Mayor Ma Hong affirmed the comprehensive strength of CWPC. He stated that Xingping has superior transportation, solid industrial foundation, and full vitality in science and technology innovation. Coupled with policy opportunities such as the integration of Xi'an Xianyang and the construction of the Qinchuangyuan Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Pilot Zone, it has a strong momentum of high-quality development. Xingping Municipal Party Committee and Government continuously improve their service level and are committed to creating the best business environment. Xingping welcomes high-quality enterprises like CWPC with solution capabilities to develop locally and work together to create a better tomorrow.

Through this on-site investigation, communication and coordination between the two sides have been further deepened, enhancing confidence in future cooperation. In the future, both parties will engage in deeper exchanges, discussions, and cooperation in more areas such as local environmental protection project investment and operation, infrastructure construction, sewage treatment phase II project, new energy project construction in industrial parks, solid waste treatment projects in old industrial parks, and new material research and development.

Ma Wanli, Director of Xingping Municipal Government Office, Pei Hangxiang, Director of China Merchants Bureau, Wang Ken, Deputy Director, Gao Lei, Director of Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, Zhao Lei, Chairman of Jinxing Science and Technology Innovation, and Zhang Bin, Minister of China Merchants, accompanied the inspection.