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Lin Song, Secretary of the Qianxi Municipal Party Committee, and His Delegation Visit the Company for Inspection and Research

Recently, Lin Song, Secretary of the Qianxi Municipal Party Committee, and his delegation visited the company for inspection and research. The Chairman of the company, Li Renchao, and the Director and Chairman of Qianxi Huaxi, Wang Hao, warmly received them.

Secretary Lin Song and his delegation visited the company's exhibition hall, production site, and PPP projects invested, constructed, and operated by the company, the first phase of the Eastern New City Ecological Demonstration Zone project and Comprehensive Bonded Zone project, to conduct on-site inspections and understand the company's production and operation situation.


Subsequently, the government and enterprises held a symposium. At the meeting, Chairman Li extended a heartfelt welcome on behalf of the company to Secretary Lin Song and his delegation, and introduced the company's development in the business sectors of environmental protection new energy equipment manufacturing, new energy EPC, three waste treatment, as well as new materials such as magnesium aluminum copper alloy, tellurium copper alloy, hydrogen energy, fuel cells, etc.


Secretary Lin Song affirmed the comprehensive strength of the company. He pointed out that Qianxi has beautiful scenery, abundant resources, obvious transportation advantages, and huge development potential. We welcome CWPC to conduct more regional cooperation in Qianxi. At the same time, he hopes that Qianxi Huaxi can make full efforts to promote the construction speed of local projects in all aspects while ensuring safety, and contribute to the high-quality development of Qianxi's economy and society.

Luo Wei, Vice Mayor of Qianxi City, Liang Kangjie, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Health Bureau, and Wang Ji, Director of the Financial Office, accompanied the inspection.