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Ensuring Safe Resumption of Work and Production, Strictly Implementing the

Fight the "First Battle" of resuming work and production, and strictly control the "First Pass" of safety

In order to further do a good job in resuming work and production after the holiday, mobilize all staff to quickly return to their positions, uplift their spirits, and work hard to make a good start. The company attaches great importance to the resumption of work and production, and fully implements the requirements of the Sichuan Provincial Safety Office's "Notice on Seriously Doing a Good Job in Safety Production of Enterprise Resumption of Work and Production after the Spring Festival in 2024". All units and subsidiaries have taken measures such as conducting resumption of work and production mobilization meetings, safety education and training, safety hazard inspections, and developing emergency response plans to tighten the "safety string" and tighten the "safety valve". Take practical actions to start a good start and take good steps for the company's resumption of work and production.


Hold a special meeting to strengthen safety responsibility

The wholly-owned subsidiaries of the company, CWPC Industry and CWPC E&C, organized team members to hold the "2024 Safety Production Work Conference and Mobilization and Deployment Meeting for Resumption of Work and Production" in the first week of construction. At the meeting, the Sichuan Provincial Safety Office issued a notice on conscientiously carrying out the safety production work for enterprises to resume work and production after the 2024 Spring Festival. Requirements are made for safety production and project construction safety respectively, to ensure orderly and effective promotion of production and project construction resumption of work and production.



Ensure resumption of work and production, develop emergency plans

To ensure the resumption of work and production, the company deployed in advance before the holiday and formulated a safety work plan for resumption of work and production, clarifying job responsibilities and specific tasks to ensure orderly resumption of work and production. On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, the equipment manufacturing workshop of the company has fully resumed production. The workers and masters are fully engaged and put into tense production tasks. The production site is bustling with machines roaring and horsepower rushing to meet orders.


Convene employee meeting to carry out safety education

The company's equipment manufacturing and various project sites held separate employee meetings for resuming work and production to boost morale and "calm down" after the holiday. They watched the "Safety Warning Education Film for resuming work and production after the Spring Festival" and provided safety warning education for all employees to ensure rapid resumption of work and production and safety work after the holiday. Call on all employees to closely focus on the company's policy goal of "focusing on the main business, strengthening execution, innovation, and self motivation to achieve 100/200", ensure safety, speed up progress, and improve quality, and strive to make a good start in the first quarter, laying a solid foundation for achieving the annual goals.


Carry out safety inspections to strengthen safety defenses

Make every effort to restore and prioritize safety. In order to effectively carry out post holiday resumption of work and production safety work, strictly prevent various safety accidents from occurring, all units and subsidiaries orderly carry out resumption of work and production safety inspections, put safety first, grasp the relationship between safety and resumption of work and production, eliminate safety hazards, and build a solid foundation for safety.


Resumption of work and production in action

When resuming work and production, safety production should be taken seriously.

Prevention work requires planning and safety and stability.

Strictly implement the responsibility system and develop a resumption of production plan.

Safety production should be promoted, and comprehensive education should be complete.

Equipment safety needs to be checked to prevent potential hazards.

Safety supervision needs to be strengthened, and implementation needs to be implemented.