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The Year of the Loong Welcomes a Successful Start

Spring plowing preparation busy, market takes the lead. We received a kick-off gift package from customers on the kick-off day of the Year of the Loong: the first line of CWPC Industry Marketing passed good news that we had won the bid for the Hunan Changning Domestic Waste to Energy Power Generation 1x600t/d Waste Heat Boiler Project, marking a "successful start" for the resumption of work in the new spring. The pre winning bid of this project further deepens the strategic cooperation relationship between West China Energy and Beijing Zhongke Runyu Environmental Protection Technology, which is of great significance.


The successful pre winning bid of the project fully demonstrates the company's outstanding strength in the production of household waste incineration boilers, and is also a reward for the hard work of the entire team. In order to win the project, Huang Youquan, the director of the company and chairman of CWPC Industry, led a marketing team to proactively give up the Spring Festival holiday, accurately connect with user needs, and compete with the main force in the waste heat boiler market in recent years. Finally, with high-quality technical solutions, good boiler performance, and professional and focused services, they won market favor and user trust, achieving a successful start to the 2024 waste heat boiler project for household waste incineration power generation, adding new brilliance to the company's market development!


Time lives up to those who strive, and the dragon moves towards the future. Standing at a new starting point, the company's various fronts are working together to sprint for the first quarter and make a good start with all their might. This year, we will closely focus on the company's policy goal of "focusing on the main business, strengthening execution, innovation, and self motivation to achieve 100/200", welcome the trend of the main business, continue to promote the "three wastes" and "three modernizations", consolidate energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, create new industries with new energy and materials, and increase overall contracting performance. We will create a good start for the company to embark on a new journey and inject green energy into the company's transformation and development.