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Auspicious Dragon, Auspicious Beginning of a New Journey, Condensing Heart and Joining Force to Welcome Starting Work

Spring is gradually returning, and the new era is beginning. On the first day of starting work on February 19th, in the company's Zigong headquarters, science and technology park, and Huayang three major parks, auspicious dragons presented their blessings and welcomed the start of work, creating a lively, auspicious, and bustling atmosphere. The chairman of the company, Li Renchao, led the management team to stand at the company gate early in the morning to welcome employees to work, sending New Year greetings to partners and welcoming the start of work!


Accompanied by joyful New Year greetings, the awakened dragon churns and embarks on a new journey, symbolizing the company's prosperous development and steady progress in the new year.


Getting red packets for the year of the loong


With a happy smile on her face and a smile on her eyebrows, amidst waves of laughter and joy, beautiful blessings keep coming. Everyone's joy is beyond words, filled with enthusiasm and expectations for the New Year. With a passion for working day and night, and an upward attitude, they are fully committed to the production and operation of the company, starting a new year of struggle, and welcoming new opportunities and challenges with full confidence.


Starting work is in good luck, and the future is promising. We will bow down and remain steadfast in our footsteps.

Looking up for a thousand miles, let's cross mountains and seas.

Embrace the new year with enthusiasm, let's join hands and progress together.

Centered around the policy goal of "focusing on the main business, strengthening execution, innovation, and self motivation to achieve 100/200"

Continuously striving with an unwavering attitude, forging ahead with hard work, and creating a win-win situation together.