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CWPC's Labor Union Held the 10th Session of the 3rd Workers’ Congress

Recently, the company's labor union organized the 10th session of the 3rd workers’ congress in Zigong and Chengdu. The meeting mainly conveyed and studied the spirit of the 18th Congress of the Zigong City Labor Union and the leadership's speech. The report on the "2023 Budget Situation and 2024 Budget of the Company's Labor Union" and "2023 Work Summary and 2024 Work Arrangement of the Labor Union" were reviewed and approved. The meeting was chaired by Liu Qin, Vice Chairman of the Company's Labor Union. Nearly 60 members of the Third Committee of the Company's Labor Union, the Third Committee of the Fund Review, and employee representatives attended the meeting.


Liu Qin, Vice Chairman of the Company's Labor Union, conveyed the spirit of the 18th Congress of the Zigong City Labor Union and the spirit of the leadership's speech. Zhu Yu, a member of the third budget review committee of the company's labor union, delivered a report entitled "2023 Budget Situation and 2024 Budget of the Company's Labor Union", which was unanimously approved.



The chairman of the company's labor union, Xu Xiaoqin, delivered a report entitled "Summary of Labor Union Work in 2023 and Work Arrangements for Labor Union in 2024", which was unanimously approved. Subsequently, Chairman Xu gave a concluding speech, pointing out that in 2023, all cadres and employees of the company have achieved good results in multiple business sectors with the courage to break through the ship and the determination to endure hardships. She thanked everyone for their understanding and trust, and looking forward to 2024, she put forward two hopes:



Restore confidence, change mindset, unify thinking, and strive for success.

Looking back on 2023, the company has gone through the stage of structural adjustment and returning to its main business. In the new year, we are full of confidence. I believe that under the leadership of Chairman Li and the joint efforts of all cadres and employees, in 2024, we will closely focus on the company's policy and goals of "focusing on the main business, strengthening execution, innovation and self motivation, achieving 10 billion sales revenue and 20 billion new orders". All staff will unify their thinking, unite their hearts, work together, and achieve the same goal, which will surely create a new future!


Fully leverage the four functions of labor union to contribute to the development of the company.


As the maternal family of employees, the company's labor union will actively fulfill its functions of maintenance, construction, participation, and education. This year's labor union work will focus on training the performance ability of grassroots labor union workers, employee welfare, cultural activities, employee representative voices, labor competitions, skills competitions, and employee homes. We will adhere to innovation, implementation, and strong services to improve employee satisfaction, and actively play the role of the group to enhance team cohesion.


Strength comes from unity, striving to create miracles! In 2024, standing at a new starting point and facing a new journey, the company's labor union will, under the strong leadership of the company's party committee, follow the goals and tasks determined at this workers' congress, implement various tasks with new atmosphere, new responsibilities, and new achievements, be pragmatic and steadfast, and strive forward with pressure towards the goal of high-quality development!