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The 18th Congress of the Zigong City Labor Union Has Successfully Concluded, and CWPC Employee Xu Xiaoqin Has Been Elected As a Member and Vice Chairman (Part-Time) of the 18th Committee of the Zigong City Federation of Labor Unions


From January 10th to 11th, the 18th Congress of the Zigong City Labor Union was successfully held. The conference summarized the achievements of the labor movement and labor union work in Zigong City in the past five years, clarified the goals for the next five years, and elected a new leadership team of the Zigong City Federation of Labor Unions. Xu Xiaoqin, member of the company's Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and Chairman of the Labor Union, Liu Qin, Vice Chairman of the Labor Union, Bai Feng, Senior Engineer of CWPC Design Institute, and Wan Kai, a Welder from the Water Wall Branch, attended the conference as representatives. Xu Xiaoqin, a member of the company's Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and Chairman of the Labor Union, was elected as a member and Vice Chairman (part-time) of the 18th Committee of the Zigong City Federation of Labor Unions.


Xu Xiaoqin, female, member of the Communist Party of China, director, party committee member, secretary of the discipline inspection commission, and labor union chairman of CWPC, has successively won the National Excellent Labor Union Worker, Sichuan May Day Labor Medal, Zigong City Excellent Labor Union Worker, and Zigong City Excellent Communist Youth League Cadre.

Adhere to the principle of putting people first and be a good “maternal family member"

Comrade Xu Xiaoqin, based on the actual situation of industrial labor unions, actively promotes democratic management, employee quality improvement projects, and corporate culture construction in enterprises, effectively playing the role of trade union organizations as "regulators", "voltage regulators", and "boosters". She always remembers that "the interests of employees are of paramount importance", fully implements the labor contract system, organizes company representatives and employee representatives to sign a "collective wage negotiation" agreement, and strives for a total subsidy of nearly one million yuan from superiors every year. She solidly provides care and comfort to employees, and applies to the higher-level labor union for all subsidy funds to be used for the assistance of disadvantaged employees, the realization of dreams for children of disadvantaged employees, the rehabilitation of industrial workers, and the improvement of cultural positions, regularly organize occupational health examinations, purchase hospitalization medical mutual aid insurance for employees, and effectively do good deeds and solve difficulties for employees.

Smooth promotion channels to promote the construction of industrial workers

Efforts will be made to create a channel for employee improvement and cultivate high-quality and professional skilled talents. Together, we have established national enterprise technology centers, provincial-level model worker studios, and welding master studios, cultivating a high-quality and specialized skilled talent team for the enterprise. Widely carry out labor competition activities, organize annual "Striving for Excellence" labor competitions, health cups, quality month rationalization suggestion evaluations, employee vocational skills competitions, etc., to stimulate the innovative thinking and labor enthusiasm of the majority of employees. Organize internal and external training on professional knowledge and skills for employees, as well as activities such as mentoring and apprenticeship, to strive to cultivate a knowledge-based, skilled, and innovative workforce, and deepen the cultivation of excellent skilled talents through practical actions. By discovering and cultivating more skilled talents, we will further accelerate the construction of the company's skilled talent team, vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship, guide employees to study hard and learn from role models, and deeply study and enhance their abilities.

Promoting cultural construction and building a cultural home

Implement the requirements of comprehensive and strict governance of the Party, take the political construction of the Party as the leadership, always adhere to the Party building leading industrial construction, and drive the comprehensive promotion of the construction of labor unions. Vigorously carry out the standardization construction of the branch, conduct theme party day activities multiple times at the red education base, and strengthen the political awareness and theoretical literacy of party members and cadres. Actively share various learning materials through new media to achieve full coverage of political learning activities of grassroots labor unions and full coverage of grassroots propaganda. Build a strong cultural base and create a "cultural circle" around employees. Under the leadership of the labor union, there are now sports venues such as a five person football field, basketball court, badminton court, employee activity room, and employee study room. Regularly carry out various cultural and sports activities that are popular among employees, enhance their physical fitness, and enrich their spiritual and cultural life.

Rooted at the grassroots level, doing a good job in bridge bonding

After being elected, Xu Xiaoqin couldn't help feeling excited. She said, "As a member and vice chairman (part-time) of the 18th Committee of the Municipal Federation of Labor Unions, this is not only an honor, but also a heavy responsibility. With a new identity, she will seriously study and implement the spirit of this conference, deeply practice the" 345 "work concept, and implement the conference spirit in all aspects of enterprise production and operation.", give full play to the advantages of the enterprise and the characteristics of the employee group, root in the grassroots, more accurately and directly deliver the voices and demands of frontline workers to the union's parents, act as a bridge and link between the party and the service of the workers, vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship, and help promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.