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Cooperation and Win-Win, Innovation and Transcendence - CWPC won the

To accelerate the sports power construction, enhance the physical fitness of employees, enrich their spiritual and cultural life, and welcome the success of the 18th National Congress of the Zigong Labor Union. On the morning of December 1st, the 6th Mass Sports Games of 2023 Zigong City Labor Union Officials, organized by the Zigong City Federation of Labor Unions, were grandly held at the Nanhu Sports Center. 48 representative teams from the city competed together, showcasing their talents. Chen Peng, Secretary of the Party Group and Executive Vice Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Labor Unions, attended the opening ceremony and announced the opening of the sports meet.

Accompanied by a passionate melody, CWPC's athletes entered with firm and powerful steps, forming a neat team and a full mental state, fully demonstrating the good spiritual outlook and team cohesion. Although the weather is humid and cold, our athletes remain enthusiastic and work together on the field. After intense competition, CWPC's representative team won the third prize at the sports meet.

Let's take a look together

The Sports Style of CWPC’s Athletes

Obstacle forward





Running hard and encountering luck unexpectedly

Full sprint and warm embrace of success

The Wind Chasing CWPC People Keep Moving Forward

CWPC's labor union has long attached great importance to the physical and mental health of employees and organized a variety of cultural and sports activities. This sports meeting showcased the practical spirit of "cooperation and win-win, innovation and transcendence" among the CWPC people. Everyone expressed their intention to transform the spirit of unity and hard work in the competition into a huge driving force to promote work, and use the spirit of competitive sports to assist the company's operation and production.