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Implementing the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Labor Union and inspiring employees to strive forward


On November 7, CWPC’s labor union organized a video conference for representatives of employees from Zigong and Chengdu to hold a communication and learning meeting on "Implementing the Spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Labor Union". The meeting made arrangements and deployments to ensure the implementation of the conference spirit. Xu Xiaoqin, chairman of CWPC's labor union, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, while the vice chairman of CWPC's labor union, Liu Qin, presided over the meeting. Members of the third trade union committee and the economic review committee of CWPC, and chairman of each grassroots branch attended the meeting.


At the meeting, everyone focused on watching and learning the micro lecture video on the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Labor Union. Liu Qin, vice chairman of CWPC's lablor union, introduced the relevant situation of the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Labor Union, conveyed the report of important speech spirit of Chinese President Xi jinping about the China Federation of Labor Unions collective members and emphasized the profound significance of the conference.


Xu Xiaoqin, chairman of CWPC's labor union, emphasized that the convening of the 18th National Congress of Chinese Labor Union is a very important conference held at a critical moment when China is embarking on a new journey of comprehensively building a socialist modernized country and advancing towards the second centenary goal. It is significant and far-reaching. All levels of labor unions in CWPC must vigorously implement the spirit of the meeting, focus on the goals, tasks, and key work determined by the meeting, carefully formulate learning plans based on their own actual situation, innovate and carry out labor and skill competitions, deepen the construction of innovative studios for model workers and craftsmen, improve the level of craftsmen's skills, and vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor, and craftsmen. Secondly, we need to strengthen publicity and create a strong learning atmosphere. In the form that the staff and workers like to hear and see, we will intensify publicity efforts, use CWPC's WeChat platform, Tiktok platform, workshop display boards, radio and other multi-channel, thematic, multi angle centralized organization of conference spirit interpretation, launch a batch of thoughtful, warm reports, achieve all-round publicity, promote learning into the mind, go deep and practical. Thirdly, we must strengthen our beliefs, make every effort to sprint towards the fourth quarter, and actively consider and deploy key tasks for 2024. Each branch should maintain a positive and upward attitude, firm beliefs, and be a good family member for the vast number of employees. CWPC will adjust its asset structure, restore fundamentals, turn losses into profits, and lay a solid foundation for next year's takeoff.

Through learning and understanding the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Labor Union, I am greatly inspired and uplifted. As a member of CWPC's labor union audit committee, I will stand firm in my position, conscientiously fulfill my job responsibilities, carry forward the spirit of daring to fight and take on heavy responsibilities, be fearless of storms, and strive for excellence. With a more pragmatic work style and a more uplifting spirit, I will promote the development of all work.

——Zhong Hui, a member of the 3rd Labor Union Economic Audit Committee of CWPC

I have been with CWPC for 13 years and I am very grateful for the platform it has built for our development. As a member of CWPC's alkali boiler business unit, I feel very proud. Everyone knows that the market is not easy, but our team has never been afraid of difficulties, daring to fight and compete in the market. We have achieved good performance last year and this year. I believe that CWPC, which has been through wind and rain for a hundred years, has strong confidence and a mission that must be achieved. Let's create a beautiful future together.

——Kang Qunfu, Chairman of CWPC Industrial Alkali Boiler Business Unit Branch

The report of the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Labor Union proposed to deepen the reform of the construction of the industrial worker team and strive to build a high-quality labor force, which has further strengthened our confidence and determination to study hard, strengthen our skills, and dare to innovate. As an employee of CWPC's technology center, my team is well aware of the heavy responsibility on our shoulders. All members of our technology center firmly establish the spirit of dedication and dedication of "one minute on duty, 60 seconds of struggle", and promote the implementation and effectiveness of the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Labor Union in our work.

——Yin Na, Chairman of CWPC Industrial Technology Center Branch

Labor creates happiness, and struggle creates great achievements. As a frontline worker and a grassroots branch chairman, I deeply feel the glorious mission and responsibility on my shoulders. I will focus on the goals and tasks anchored at the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Labor Union, carry forward the spirit of "daring to fight tough battles, daring to shoulder heavy burdens, daring to gnaw on hard bones", firmly believe in doing a good job in serving the vast number of grassroots labor union workers, and be a good mother of frontline workers.

——Chen Xianfeng, Chairman of CWPC Industrial Waterwall Branch

The report of the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Labor Union clearly states that we must always adhere to deepening the reform and construction of labor unions, and effectively play the role of labor unions as a bridge and link between the Party and the workers and the masses. As a grassroots branch worker in project management, our project management colleagues are located both at home and abroad. They have been stationed at the project site for a long time and rarely reunite with their families. Therefore, our grassroots labor union must do a good job in caring for and caring for them. Only making them feel at ease, we devote more enthusiasm to our work.

——Li Qingqiong, Chairman of CWPC E&C Project Management Department Branch