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China Western Power Signed World’s Biggest Project for Photovoltaic Energy Storage


Chinese government always supports photovoltaic development, however, energy-storage technologies are the base to set up the energy internet and improve the development of new form of industry of energy, having huge market potential.

The system of photovoltaic + energy-storage will drive the reform of electric system and improve the development of new form of industry of energy and also will bring more benefits.

China Western Power ,Shenzhen Wanzhao Energy signed a framework agreement on purchasing a photovoltaic energy-storage project (630MW) in Australia with Lyon Infrastructure Investments 1 Pty.Ltd.,which is related to supplying products for photovoltaic energy-storage of P19 series or following products of P19. It is the world’s biggest project and total amount of the agreement is about 1.712 billion yuan.China Western Power always adheres to the path of differential development, we are more exquisite on manufacturing equipment and willing to making us have stronger ability in EPC projects. We have already accumulated years’ experience in those fields and implemented dozens of EPC projects of power plants domestic and abroad. Signing this project is beneficial for us to expand clean-energy businesses and promote product upgrade and business transformation and at the time to raise our popularity.

The power generation system of photovoltaic energy storage can improve the stability of electric system and integrity of electric consumption .In this system, the components of solar energy absorb sunlight, direct current generated by this system is transformed into alternating current by inverters and then the transformed current is stored in the energy-storage unit for illumination of household appliances. Power grid can be uploaded superfluous generated energy to obtain income of electricity price and government subsidies. In addition, an inverter of energy-storage has the function to adjust the peak and valley ,creating more benefits.

Lyon Infrastructure Investments 1 Pty.Ltd.is under Lyon Group which is a world-renowned supplier, whose main business includes battery energy storage for public service and power generating projects of renewable energy sources,etc. Its product and service cover many countries and regions in Asia-Pacific area. It developed the first grid-connection project on  solar photovoltaic and battery energy storage. This new project will apply for Cape York, Riverland and Nowingi.